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October Newsletter


Since there are only a couple months left in 2022, we’d like to take a look at where we’ve come this year in comparison to last year. When we started this nonprofit, I was putting together encouragement bags in my laundry room, but we quickly outgrew it and now have a designated room in our house for Be Still and Know. In 2021, we handed out/sold approximately 140 bags. So far in 2022, that number is 451. Why such a big difference? In 2021 only three medical facilities/nonprofits were distributing the bags, whereas in 2022 one medical facility and one nonprofit in California have been giving bags to cancer patients, one store in Wyoming has sold bags, and one medical facility in Michigan is giving bags to patients. In Colorado, one church is providing bags when they hear of someone with cancer, and five medical facilities are giving bags to their patients. A church in Michigan is looking for other means to hand out the bags, whether it be providing them for other medical facilities or giving them to people they know who have been diagnosed. We are building a relationship with a second church in Colorado to come alongside us and provide support. Another means of growth is that in addition to encouragement bags for women, we now provide them for men and caregivers.

What’s coming for BS&K?

We recently added a new board member who is in the medical field and are hoping she can provide additional recommendations on where we can distribute the bags. Another board member is looking for ways to expand our presence in other states. God is providing us with distribution channels and He has blessed us in more ways than we could ever imagine. We continue to look to Him for funding to keep this going as the number of cancer cases keeps growing. If your investmentsrequire an end-of-year dispersement, prayerfully consider giving to Be Still and Know Inc. Please read the following to find outwhy we are working so hard.


Hello to Kim DeVries and everyone connected to Be Still and Know,

In writing this letter to you I never thought I would be so closely affected by the incredible work being done through this ministry. When I was first approached about supporting this noble cause I thought, “That would be good for some other people whose loved ones are dealing with cancer.” What touched me the most about this program is the action that is taken beyond the statement of “I will be praying for you”! This program actually places practical tools in the hands of the person battling cancer along with the sentiment that they are NOT alone because others are loving on them and praying for them. This sentiment rang so true and close to home when a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer shortly afterI became aware of this ministry.

In feeling helpless on how to let my friend know that I loved her and was praying for her, I placed my friend “Carrie’s” name on the list to receive one of the “Be Still and Know” care bags. What that bag meant to her, and its timing went well beyond what I had hoped.

Per Carrie:

Thanks for sending this care package to me as I really did not think much of it when you told me it would be arriving soon. I had so many other things on my mind that a package arriving did not resonate. The day the package (bag) arrived I had just gotten back from a chemotherapy treatment and was feeling very low. Most people fighting through cancer treatment will understand that you start to question yourself and ask those dark questions. I used my weakened state to open the package thinking it might be something my family could enjoy while I live vicariously through them. But like a ray of life affirming sunshine, I realized this package of “LOVE” was just for me. The products (lotions + balms) and literature were hitting me at the exact time I needed it. Just knowing others are fighting through this as well and still others care enough to reach out, gave me the boost I needed that day to endure on and on. Perfect Timing!

With gratitude and LOVE, Carrie


If you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and you would like to send a bag, go to our website to place an order.

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