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March Newsletter

March 2022

WELCOME! We want to keep you, a supporter of Be Still and Know Inc, informed about what is going on with us. Welcome to the first quarterly newsletter!


Women’s Bags: The beaded bracelet with a Bible verse or inspirational saying that had

been included went up significantly in price. I found a retailer in New Mexico who makes

cuff bracelets and is selling them to me for a reasonable price, keeping our costs down.

Men’s Bags:

I had been encouraged to put bags together for men, so after talking with two close

friends whose husbands have had cancer, I put bags together for male cancer

patients with recommendations coming from my two friends. Included in the bags:

  1. The book 50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib—It brings encouragement and inspiration.

  2. A water bottle with Philippians 4:13 printed on it—It is a reminder to the recipient that he is not alone and encourages him to drink fluids during treatment.

  3. A tube of moisturizing lip balm for chapped lips caused by treatments.

  4. A fidget spinner, adult coloring book, and pack of colored pencils—These are to keep idle hands busy, and the mind occupied while at appointments.

Caregiver Bags:

I was also encouraged to put bags together for caregivers, so once again I turned to my two friends for suggestions. Included in

caregiver bags:

  1. A journal/logbook with Philippians 4:13 printed on it—It is to help keep track of appointments, medications, etc., and is a reminder they are not alone.

  2. A tube of lotion—It is to help moisturize hands due to frequent washings.

  3. A small notebook and pen—It is to jot down tasks that need doing or errands that need running.

  4. A fidget spinner, adult coloring book, and pack of colored pencils—These are to keep idle hands busy, and the mind occupied while at appointments.

“I just received a wonderful encouragement gift! My friend requested this be sent to me. I loved everything in the encouragement package. What a caring and loving idea. Thank you!”


After a cover change to the book we did have in the bags for women, and a price increase, I reached out to Lynn Eib, a 30+ year cancer survivor and author of several uplifting books. We are excited to be working with Lynn and are thrilled to be purchasing her book 50 Days of Hope for half the retail price and will be including the book in the bags for both men and women. Another wonderful thing is that another one of her books, When God and Cancer Meet, is available in Spanish; as far as she knows, it is the only Christian book on cancer printed in Spanish, and we will put that book in bags when requested!


Colorado: We currently work with the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Aurora to distribute bags to patients, with locations in Colorado Springs and Pueblo trying to determine how to best distribute bags. We are also working with our church to determine the best way to utilize Be Still and Know as a resource to the church and community.

California: Our bags currently are being distributed through one hospital and a non-profit organization who works with the Spanish speaking population. We just started communication with a church located in Pomona; we will see where this discussion leads. Michigan: The church we attended while living in Michigan is coming alongside one of the hospitals in Grand Rapids to provide financial support to provide distribution of bags in that hospital.


200 If you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and you would like to send a bag, go to our website to place an order.

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