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October 2023

You never know when you will see God show up

God puts Be Still and Know Inc. in people’s lives in ways that we cannot anticipate. In his business, my husband had just joined a new networking association. As he was talking to the founder of this association, she indicated the things that she had promised to respond to my husband about would likely not happen for a week. She further explained that she was going to Atlanta to be with her dear friend who was facing stage 4 cancer and was about to undergo a week of double chemotherapy. My husband said to this person, “Can I do something for her?” The business contact immediately replied, “No, we’re fine; you don’t need to do anything.” My husband then said, “I understand we don’t need to do anything, but this is what we do for hundreds of people all the time.” She relented and agreed to give my husband the address of her friend so we could send her a Be Still and Know encouragement bag. We have no idea whether this friend knew God before her diagnosis; however, on three separate occasions this business contact has specifically brought up that a Be Still and Know bag has changed her friend’s life. Her friend has even indicated she has read the book twice. I don’t know if God chose to reveal Himself to this person through a cancer diagnosis or a Be Still and Know bag. However, God is enjoying a relationship with a person who did not have a relationship with Him previously. We know God is always with us, but we never know when or how we will see Him show up in our lives or in the lives of others.

“I was so touched by the amazing gift bag. WOW! From the words on the bag, the beautiful bracelet, awesome devotional [book], and the rest – what an encouragement to me. To top it off, “Be Still and Know” is just the verse/song that I’ve claimed in my journey – only God! God gives each person their own trials to go through, yet He is faithful and provides.”


Colorado: I recently dropped off a few encouragement bags at a church in the Denver metro area. They were grateful to receive these so they can give to those whom they hear about who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or to those who are a caregiver of someone diagnosed.


If you are required to do a distribution through your investments, why not let government regulations be another tool in God’s hands and prayerfully consider donating to Be Still and Know Inc.


If you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and you would like to send a bag, go to our website to place an order.

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Be Still and Know Inc.

P.O. Box 563

Bennett, CO 80102


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